Zuni School Annual Reports, 1915


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RECEIVED ORIGINTAL SEP 8 1915 DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR UNITED STATES INDIAN SERVICE ANNUAL REPORT NARRATIVE 2UNI INDIAN SCHOOL 1s SECTION 1,---- Law& Order The Zuni Agenoy and Boarding school are located 45 miles south of Gallup, New Lexico, and 4 miles east of the Zuni Pueblo, Gallup is the nearest railroad station The Buildings, most of them constructed of red sandstone, are in a good state of repair. Iore buildings are greatly needed at both the Boarding school at Blackrook and the Day School at the Pueblo. At the Boarding School there are needed cottages for the Superintendent and Bng neer, employees of the school, and the Additional Farmer, stockman and Blacksmith- Bawyer, employees on the Agenoy for ae. A Sohool building is also needed at the Boarding school, At present we have no building for this purpose. The three classrooms are crowded into the main building. The space so oooupind is very unsatis factory and needed for other purposes. The employees- Sometimes a man and his family- are each crowded into one single room in the main building or the employees club which is a very small building. Bhumployees will not be satisfied to stay for any length of time under such conditions. At the Zuni Day School there is nothing for the housing of employees excepting one old adobe building. A new employees cottage of fair proportions one oded

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