Zuni School Annual Reports, 1914


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20. ANNUAL REPORT 1914 . NARRATIVB. TUNI INDIAN SCHOOL. SECTION VI---------- FIFMALDIRREGATION . 1. A dam has been constructed at Blackrock, below the Junction of the 2nd and Nutria rivers and by this method surrini and water is appropriat od and stor od to irrogato approximately a000 acros. Aside from this proj act wator for irrogation is sour od in limited quantities from springs at Ojo Cali anta, Pescado, and Nutria. Account of the sub- irrogated naturo of the soil 1ying under each of those springs it is estimat od that thoy, collectively , irregato 1500 acres. A small amount of water is purchased oach y oar from the Remah Irrogation Company and us od on the past orn and of the ros Orvation. 2. No wat or filings or proofs were inade during the fiscal year 1914.

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