Zuni School Annual Reports, 1914


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17. living many of them- in tho pueblo of 2uni, 4 milos from the ag enoy and all of them living thoro for halt or more of the time and the irrogat od progoot lying between Blackrock and 2und the farmers both have their hoadquarters at the agonoy at Balckr ock. This is also trud of th. stookman. Most of the time of these men is required in the vicinity of uni. Whon n cessary to make a trip to of thor and ot ths reservation, 3 hours will be sufficient time to make the trip. Thoy stay as long as n c ossary before returning to the ag amnoy. ( a) The tarmers and stockmen go out among tho Indians and teach them to do by doing. Also the younger on Os who have been aducat ad ar a supplied with literatur. on the subjects of interest. 15. Workshops should be provoded for the boarding school for th a touching of carpentry, black semi thing, Wagon ropair work, horse shooing and harness making. 26 A man is no ded to do the blacksmi th work for the Indi ans, agency, and school and to run a small sawmill for getting out lunb or for Indians and agency and school. This man oan also assist in running the st can throsher in season. 17. The mark ot and trado faciliti as open to the Indians is good. Koen competition exists anong the licensed traders There is one trading post n oar the reservation on the past and buyers of cattla and other stock who are reliable are always permitt od to come on the ros Orvation to buy.

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