Zuni School Annual Reports, 1914


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16. ( 1) The Indians are utilising all of their rang lands for grasing purposes. Thoy are at prosont over grasad. ( g)' They have suffici ent male breeding stock but a groat number of them aro of int ori or grade. They are now making a start at improving the stock and considerable mors will baroquirod at such time as the Indians can be made to see the benefit of pr ocuring it. 11. The making of pot tary and beads are the principal indstrios of those Indians aside from agri cultura and stock rai sing. They ar a realizing considerable of an income from the making or doads. The quality of thO pottery is grad ually improving and will in time again become profitable. 12 Thoro are not very many returned students on the ros or vation. Thoir work is along comparatively progressive lines and oompar as favorably with other Indians, 13. The t i of the two agency farmers is employed in lookeng after the aducation of the Indians in nodarn ways ond methods of agriculture, planting, irrogating, harvesting and threshing of grain. In the building of and repair of roads and bridg as and in working a snall demonstration form- these Indians have to be showm. The stockman is employed in instructing the Indians how to oars for and improve his stock, in looking after the trespass or the white man' s stock; in preventing the theft or stook, in helping with roundups, sale of stock, purchase of stock, ato. 14. This boi ng a small ros etvation and the Indians

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