Zuni School Annual Reports, 1914


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15. 6. The 2un dam, located at Blackrock, is supplying wat or for irregation or the principal area of farming land. The ditches aro not complat od y ot but work on them is being pu shod. Good springs, supplying an abundance of water for stock and Bond for irregat lon, ar- to be tornd at the pueblos of Ogo Cali ento, Poscado and Nutria. Several small or springs and dems ar a scattered ov or the reservation for use in Wator in stock. 7. As the unds are not as yet allot od, very low in provements aro to bo found at present on tho farming lands aside from ten cos, ditch as, and the cultivation of the soil. The Indians live in the pu oblos n car by and go to the farms from therO. Art or allotment conditions will be different. 8. No land on the ros arvation is 1 as od. 9. The Indians should and will use all lands on the ros Orvation for themselves, 10. 9( a) The number of shop on the reservation is Blightly more than last year, the numb er of oat tla is loss The quality is gradulaly improving ( b) Loss as sustain ad during the year wor a small. ( c) Very bit the provision is made for feeding stock during the winter months ( d) The outlook for stockraising is good, it will ba nac ossar y, though, to first got rid of some of tho worth loss stuff and improve the grade of the rost. ( 0) No stock belonging to the Whiteman is allowed on the rosarvation, It should not at any time ba permitted.

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