Zuni School Annual Reports, 1914


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14. to yoar. They also save supplios for own use for a year or two in anthoipation of a failurs of crops ( g) No greenhousa or nursery was maintained ( h) No soods for use of Indi ans hava bean tast od. 2. No inducement, other than the ability to obtain results from their labor, seem to ba necessary so far in order to keep up the interest in agriculture among the Indians. They aro taking to bt very nicely but will make a bott showing at or the irregablo land is allotted to them. Nono of them are yet allott Od. Some tow now have tentative allotments 3. Tha Indians of this r s Orvation are soli supporting 4. Many of them are acquiring plows, harrows, fences, oto. Many as yot have practically nothing with which to till the land. Plows, harrows, cultivators, wir.,, etc., havo been issued each year and paid for with labor. This should be kept up for some time to come . ( o) The Indians have vory tow Suitable work toans They should be given opportunity to secure than with the assistance of the ro- ambursable funds now available for such purposes 5. A great amount of fencing has been done again this year, Many of the roads in the farming sections have been set around on the sub- division 1inos so as to as sist in alloting of the lands. Much moro wdro will be needed as it is necessart to have all cultivatod. lands inelos Od to protost them from roaming stock

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