Zuni School Annual Reports, 1914


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13. NARRATIVB. ZUNI INDIAN SCHOOL. ANNUAL REPORT 1914 SECTION IV INDUSTRIES, 1.( a) Farming operations both on the agenoy Tarm and on the tarms or the Indians are showing better results than last year. The ar on cultivated by Indians show an increason or ab aut 20% over last year. ( b) The seasons operations have boon much mor. successful than last year. The climatic conditions wer. more favorable, much mor a rain having fallen during th. growing sOason. The ros Orvoir was full with the opening of spring and moh mora than onough to supply all demands was to be had. ( c) Nothi ng new was introduced this year in the line of oerials, v egotablos, otc, ( a) As is usually the case, the cutworm made on sidorable inroads on the young grains soon aft or garnination This was especially true in sections we are it was not found possible to got wet or on soon after the grain came above the ground. Early watering generally is all the r and day found n ecossary to get rid of the trouble. ( o) Much of the products of the tarms is consumed at home The balance has a ready market, being sold to the Indians tradors and others. Mark et conditions are good and a much great er amount can bO sold when the production noroaos. ( P) The Indians save seed for planting from yoar

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