Zuni School Annual Reports, 1914


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12. 12. During thO past year the Indians havo shown a much bettor disposition towards getting the children in school on time and keeping them thor o during the year. They ar. Boginning to realize thO valus or an education. 18. Though very strongly opposed to tho i ntormingl ing or rac as heretoforo, the Indians aro shows ng a di Spo sition now to cast off his sentiment. I bel1ove that the intermingling with whites would be a good thing for the Indians it the whites wer. of the propor character. This is only supposition however as we have no white peopl a in the vicinity of the reservation accepting a very few. 14. The total exponditur as of the pros ant Tiscal year have been about tha same as the preceding year.

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