Zuni School Annual Reports, 1914


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He 1. For a mora ad aquat a car. or the sick a di spensary and was ting room should be constructed at the pueblo. 8 There ara Tory few cases of tuberculosis or tre chome on the reservation. All trachoma cases found aro boing tr oat ad axo opting a couple of chronic casOs that aro about run the limit, and to some extent taken care of then selves. An of fort is boing made to Oducate the Indi ans in using the nac ossary procution ary measur as to prevent the spr Oad of these diseases. So far this has been successful. 3B Account of this tribe boing practically free from those diseasOs it should not be necessary to Ostablish tem porary tent hospitals here. 39 The hospital now almost ready for occupanoy is small but und or ordinary conditions it should bO suf Noi ant to cars for those in need of 1t. No pati ont has been brought in yet from the resorvation. My opinion is that 1t b a ng an ovation hors there will be a hositanoy in con Bonting to send pati ants in. Also the native medicine an will oppose 1t. In the past satisfactory results among old Indians has not been secured from the fact that the patient had, of necessity, been treat ad at his home. The medicine man came during the absence BB the physician and field matron and did things that was an injury to th. pati ent and a great detriment to the welfare of the oase. Now such cases can be renov ad to the hospital and thus out of the reach of the medicine men, 6s A nurs is now needed at the hospital in order to complete the requirements of general health work.

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