Zuni School Annual Reports, 1914


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18. The Indians of this jurisdiction make no intox oating beveragos or pr operations or any kind, 14. They use no payota or messal of any kind. 16. The tradors handle to some oxtant alcoholio pro purations, such as lemon and vanilla extracts. They howevor aro not sold to Indian S. As heretoforo stat od, the uni Indi ans have no craving for such pr operations or alcohol of any kind, Traders handle those articles for sal to the white people and macicans ad ac ant to the reservation who come in to trade. 16. Some patent medic in as containing alcohol aro kept in stock in traders stores. They ar O sold to mexioans and white people coming on the reservation to trade They are not sold to Indian S. Indians hero purchase very little pat ant medicines accepting linements and cough syrups 17. I now from clo se per sonal observation that above stated conditions are tur O. For this reason no supervision ovor such traffio has been exerci sod by me exc opting to warn traders that the sale of any such articles to Indians is prohibited. 18. While the huni Indians are very fortunate in not having yot develop ed a craving for intoxicants, yot the Bondi tion among oth aer Indians n carby is doplorable. Mora arfootiva means for curbing the traffic aro no ossary A gon eral state law prohibiting the possession or or sale or liquor by others than the state I think would be the more off activa way of handling the situation. 19. I suggost a law similar to that in force in the

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