Zuni School Annual Reports, 1914


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6. Very 11ttle success haſ so far been at tain ad in the promotion of religious teaching among thosn peoplo The" Christian Reform" Ohurch has one resident mi ssionary here. They also conduct a small day school in connection with the church work. None of the Indians profess membership The" Franciscan Fathers" of Gallup male occasional trips to the reservation to perform baptisms for such as claim momb ar ship in the Catholic church. None of the uni Indians on the resorvation are regular members of any Christian denomination 7. liquor traffic among the Indians of this r as orva tion is practically nothing. 8. During the" Chalico Dance", the great event of the yar for the 2unis, some liquor is introduced on the r Oservation by visiting Indians, principally Navajos, but by a careful policing of this festive dancs very little or it is in evidence. Such as is brought on the ros Orvation at that time is drank mostly by the parties bringing it. 9. Only once during the year has a Zuni Indian, to my knowledge, brought liquor on the ros Orvation. His statement was that he procured it from an unknown Mexican is the tom of Gallup, New Mexico 10. Thors are no saloons on or ar the rosarvation. 1. The state authorities seem to show very littl. inclination to cooperate in the suppression of the liquor traffic aong Indians in this part of the country. 12. I do not consid ar it necessary to have any of my employees made Deputy Special officers.

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