Zuni School Annual Reports, 1914


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2. A n w employees cottage of fair proportions is noedod. A pneumatic water system has been promisad us to ba installed during fiscal year 1914. A sewer syst an is very much needed. Tho sower, it is planned will empty into th a huni river below the pueblo The assembly room of the new school building was so o anstruoted as to permit or converting it into two additional school rooms, Should this be done it will double the capacity or the school at th. slight cost of puting in a dividing well and some blackboards, otc. This would help to a great extent in providing educational opportuniti as for the 2uni children now without anything of the kind. As yat we have been unsuccessful in providing quart aers for the Agency physician at the Zuni Pueblok or quarters for the Fi old Matron at the same place. Her atofor O the physician has occupi ad ront od quert ars in a small adoba building in the pueblo, at a considerable expense to tha Govornment and a groat hardship to himself and his work A cottage, a barn, and a dispensary for use of the physician, and a building to serve as a residence, work rooms and laundry for the Field Matron, ar. nooded at the Zuni Pueblo. guarters until such time as they may be otherwise provided, must now b a rontod for use of the field me tran. The Physician and fi old matron always have their headquarters in tha pueblo, 4 miles from the agoncy and boarding school, thus being wi thin call of the Indians at all times 2.. The needs of the agency require that in addition to the prosant 1ist a man be provided who can do blacksmith work and run a small saw mill. I tool that I am just111 od in saying that the Zuni Indians aro making as muoh of a

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