Hopi Stat Report 1932


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60550 1932 Annual Statistical Report Office of Indian Affairs Section IV. Forestry ANNUAL FOREST FIRE REPORT, fiscal year 1932 State_ Nebraska Agency or jurisdiction Winnebag Not applicable Class and number otal A 1 B 2 C 3/ Total number of fires 1. Fires originating on unallotted lands 2. Fires originating on allotted lands inside of reservation boundaries 3. Fires originating on allotted lands outside of reservation boundaries 4. Fires originating outside of reserva. tion boundaries and on non- Indian lands Rail Lint- Incend - Brush Cap SaVT. Un. Total road| ning ary burning ers Tnills other known 5. Causes of all fire! reported 4. 6. Damage fron all fires 5/$. Area burned over Damage to tirnber reproduction, and forage6 Location of Tim. Timber destroyed Repro fires Totel 1 bered Open Total or dynaged duction Forage ( Acres Acres) Acres) value iT B FValuevalue value otal On vnallotted lands! On allotted lands inside of reser vation boundaries On allotted lands out side of reser vation boundaries On non- Indian land 7. Cost of fighting all fires$. Total cost Value of A Temporery Guard andTools, supplies, COOpera labor ranger transportation tion labor etc Division of costs Total( Dollars) On unallotted lends($) On allotted lands( 1) On non- Indian lands($) 1/ Include camp fires and other small fire coverin, not more than few sq. rods Z) Include smail forоst fires extingui sinct ri thout special expense and covering generally not over 10 acres 3) Include large fires requiri: extr hсlp and expense 4/ The amount à value of deranged cordwood may be included vith the timbor or a ratio of 1 cord- 500 B. 5/ Minimum denge on ti abor arcas 7ill be considered to be$ 2. 00 per acro 5 Diligont effort should be made to determine cause of fire. 33

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