Hopi Stat Report 1932


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58617 1932 Annual Statistical Report office of Indian Affairs Section II. Population. State ARIZONA Reservation HOP Agency or Jurisdiction KEAMS CANYON Tribe HOPI- PTMAULL I. CENSUS RECAPITULATION SHEET. Sheet compiled by Population as of April 1, 1932 Sheet verified by ATTENTION: The base of this schedule will have to be Table 2, Commissioner' s Annual Report of June 30, 1930, as the Census Rolls were not tabulated last year. Give all changes since that date on this sheet. Must check with pages 16 and 17 and supplemental rolls Total Male Female 1. Total Census April 1, 1930( Table 2, Corrmissioner' s Annual Report) 11 2. Additions since April 1, 193 a. Because of enrollment authority. tmental b. Because of omission from previo Census rOLS occurring prior C. Births unr to April 1 11 d. Because of error insex. e, Births during the two lars( Apr 1930 and Mary 31, 3. Total Census April 1, 1930 Table 2, Commissioner' s eport additions to roll 12 4. Deductions a. Because of illegal or rol enrollment by Departmental authority since April 1, 1930. b. Deaths unreported, but occurring prior to April 1, 1930 C. Duplications . d. Because of error in sex e. Deaths during the two years( April 1, 1930 and March 31, 1932, only 5. Total this census( should agree with last number on current roll) 12 ( See instructions on back of sheets 16 and 17.) 14 ( over)

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