Hopi Stat Report 1932


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60551 1332 Annual Statistical Report Office of Indian Affairs Section III. Health State_ Arizona Reservation Hopi. Agency or jurisdiction Hop. VACCINATIONS AND INOCULATIONS during fiscal year 1932: NOTE.- If a disease requires three shots to immunize , etc., against a disease, report only one immunization , etc., for that disease, as Indians and not shots are to be reported below . If the seme Indian is vaccinated , inoculated, and immunized for all three diseases specified below, the Indian would be reported opposite all three diseases, that is, one Indian counted three times , one time for each disease immunized against, etc Total Male Female Number of Indians vaccinated against smallpox .... .. 27 Number of Indians inoculated against ty hoid fever 272 133 .. 137 Number of Indians immunized against diphtheria ...., . Number of Indians imornunized, vaccinated, or inoculated for" All other diseases" 1/ • Do 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Whooping cough 13 Rabies 1/ Specify disease and list just below" All other diseases," The listed diseases must add to" All other diseases." 26

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