Hopi Stat Report 1932


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60551 1932 Annual statistical Report Office of Indian Affairs Section III. Health State Arizona Agency or jurisdiction. Hop Name of Hospital or Sanatoriurn. Hopi General HOSPITALS or SANATORIUS operated during the fiscal year 1932( Continued) 5. Total number of patients withdrawn during fiscal year 1932-( Continued ( a- 3) other patients discharged, total Cured or arrested Improved Unimproved ( b) Total deaths during fiscal year 1932 Tuberculosis patients Other patients Stillbirths., 6. Patients remaining at hospital at end of fiscal year 1932, total Tuberculosis patients Other patients 7. Total days attendance of all patients during fiscal year 1932, tot... 7, 439 Tuberculosis patients Other patients 6, 935 8. Total amount expended for institution, exclusive of new construction 3/ 9. Average per diem cost of hospitalization per patient ATTENTION : The three items of( a)+( B) under 4 must equal the three items of 4, and the three items of( 0- 1)+( D- 2)+( o- 3)+( D- 4) under 4 must equal( b). The three it ens of( a)+( b) under 5 must equal 5, and the three items of( B- 1)+ ( b- 2)+( D- 3)+( D- 4) under 4 must equal( b) The three tens of 4 minus the three items of 5 must equal the three ite as of 6 1/ classes: A= Agency: S= School; S and A= School and Agency; San.- Sanatorium, San. S= Sanatorium School ; O= Other. When there is more than one hospital use a separate page for each. 2/ Weekly Reports of Health Activities for the fiscal year 1932 are to be used as the basis for the figures on these pages 3/ Base calculation on total cost exclusive of that for new construction ( Repairs are not to be considered as new construction, but alterations and additions are.) 20

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