Hopi Stat Report 1932


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57666 1932 Annual Statistical Report of€ice of Indian Affairs Section I. Industries and Economics State Arizona Reservation Agency or jurisdiction Howie Keams Canvon. Part 4. TRADES, PROFESSIONS, AND INDUSTRIES as of Jan. 1, 1932: A- Indians engaged in trades, professions, and industries for themselves( not hired by others): Type of work Value of product for the year 00 00 87, 000. 00.. 32, 000. 00 Total Basket making and reed work Beadwork( including bone& stone Blanket and rug weaving 1, 370 Lace making None. Silver and shell work. Bark crafts Leather crafts... Wood crafts 140 Pottery. Fishing Cutting and selling wood and timber Farming end. Gardenins Stockraising Others( name them). Freighting..- L68. and merchandizing 00 Q. B- Indians engaged in trades, professions, and industries, hired by others: Number Yearly Type of work engaged earnings 2, 425 267, 500. 00 OO OO 3 2. 100. 00 48 1, 300. 00 Total Clerical or office work Professional, total Artists Actors in pageants, etc Musicians Other professional Skilled Unskilled... Laborers on Road.. etes.... Others( name them) Truck Drivers- Taborers OO 00 OOO. O0 CAL 159, 000 00 78, 000. 00 000 00 1400 OO

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