Inspector’s Report, Albuquerque School, 1884


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ROport of Inspact or Bono dict on tho ALBUQUERQUE SCHOOL& PUEBLO AGENCY ( Sanchez, Agent,) Dec. 31, 1804, Was disappointed in Albuquerque school, or the scores of Indian schools visited, this is the dirtiest. The floors, outside of the roorns occupied by the employs, as dirty as hogpons, and their beds could not have been dirt ior iſ hogs had occupied thom, Nothing of value in the building outside of amployes' quarters. The bods are rough wooden bunks, the dining table of the same na tarial. No a lusats for the childrons' clothes, and no clothes for the closets, as they have but one suit, and that a scanty one, Their clothing corrosponds with the badding. Prof, Bryan says the price paid by the Government would not halr pay the axpansas, If this be trus, the burden of expanses is incurred for the employs The bear bought in Albuquerque is the fore quarter, and costs 5 1- 2 cts. net, the children got the neck and bones, Bread costs$ 1, 00 for 35 pounds. Moat and broad is their diet with coffee for breakfast. Ts satisfie that schools are sometimes run by Mission ary Boards as a matter of speculation, and this school affords a field for that kind of an enterprise. Recorunends that the contract cease at once, and the Government take charge of the school. The day schools among the Pueblos, excopt the Laguna, are total failures, was told by a lady teacher, that there was not a child at Zuni, who could read, write or speak English understandingly, though the school had been in oxistence since 1974. The school reports for the present quarter give the number, Zuni 25, Laguna as 2n, Jemez 30, and San Juan 15. The report is favorable as possi ble, NO assistant teachers wore nood od, Mrs, Allison testified that at buni, there were weeks without any children at school, and what thoy got had to be rounded up every morning an av

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