Inspector’s Report, Albuquerque School, 1886


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can be placed in condition to receive pupils. Seats must be ob tained and placed in position in the school rooms; new textbooks will have to be supplied; clothing furnished for the pupils, bed steads and bedding for the dormitories ; table linen, queensware, knives and forks, cups and saucers, tea and tablespoons , castors, ac., for the dining room, and in this connection the item of table or dining room castors could be furnished from the Navajo Agency as they have on hand there a surplus of 78 castors, which could be transferred to this school, and I would recommend that 24 castors now at the Navajo Agency be transferred to the Albuquerque School A full and complete set of carpenters tools should be furnished at once as also axes, hatchets, spades and shovels, and nails, or authority granted to make purchase in open market here I enclose herewith Exhibit No. 3, communication of R. W. D. Bryan, Esq., in reference to conducting a mixed school( of Indian Boys and Girls) in the future. I forward it without remark. As yet, Mr. Bryan has no buildings for his contemplated school; he owns the ground and proposes to erect at once, for temporary use, 4 frame buildings, one story high, 20 by 40 feet each, to be used for school purposes. When these buildings are erected he can furnish them at once, having retained and removed all his school supplies and materials from the Government School Buildings. Respect fully submitted, 5607, Ind. Div.' 86. Chief Indian Division. Oct. 4th, 1886 .

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