Inspector’s Report, Albuquerque School, 1886


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These improvements were made without proper authority of the De partment, and with the knowledge that they were so made at the air own risk: in my judgment these improvements were necessary for the proper and successful conduction and maintain ance of the school, and the Home Board of Missions or the Presbyterian Church should be re- imbursed in whole or in part, for said improvements, ex cept ing items 20, 21, 22 and 23; the labor performed in this paint ing was done by school employers and school pupils: the material only should be charged for, The average attendance of pupils for the fiscal year was I boys and 34 girls, total IO5, and for the month of July, 1888, 87 boys and 34 girls, total 121. The school has been in vacation from August Ist, 1886, during the time Trom August 1st to include this date Sept. 30th, I886, there has been in attendance at this school 5 Pimas, 4 boys and I girl The superintendent Mr. Burke has not yet reached this point. The clerk for the School Mr. H. A. Koester is now here, and I have directed him to prepare an estimate of materials, supplies, and subsistence, and clothing required for the school, upon a basis of 150 pupils for 9 months, and 1 would respectfully recommend that the estimate be promptly submitted and acted upon, and that such articles as may be deemed proper be shipped at once by the Indian Department, and that the proper authority be granted to purchase in open market two horses, 2 sets harness, I spring wagon and feed for same: coal and wood, 12 heating stoves, I large kitchen range, chairs and tables for dining room and kitchen, or lumber to make the 9 dining tables,& c. Some time must elapse before this school

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