Inspector’s Report, Albuquerque School, 1886


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---------: OP:-- non REPOR ALBUQUERQUE INDIAN TRAININO SCHOOL OPALBUQUERQUE NM - -------------: ROBERT S. GARDNER, INSPECTOR.:----------- -- - - DO---- OOODr. September 30th, 188. Building No. 1, has accommodations for 150 pupils; roof should be painted, and the outside bricks would be benefitted by a coat of paint. Building No. 2, good state or repair; outside brick work should be painted. The lower portion of the derriek of the wind- mill has not been enclosed; it should be enclosed, there by adding strength to the structure, besides the enclosure could be utilized as a ware or store room for agricultural implements, machinery or other articles required at the school, in addition to these Government buildings as above described, the Home Mission Board of Presbyter ian Church, through their superintendent R. D. W. Bryan, have made certain permanent improvements in the shape of buildings, fencing, e., as is fully described upon Fxhibit No. I, herewith enclosed, to which at tent ion is respectfully invited. I personally examined each and all of these improvements embraced in this Rxhibit No. 1, and find that they have been made as represented, other than as to the cost of same, as affixed to each; the specific data of the cost of each item there in charged for, was not furnished me.

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