Inspector’s Report, Albuquerque School, 1886


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2657 Or OE OF INDIAN AFFAIRS Rec' d, CT 6 O artment of the Interior .. er.. ......, a. 18s RECEIVED I IN TE RIOR DEPARINEN so Respectfully referred to the . shadians 1 Akseat cheferendum buf, tiring a aeg Lauw n t I ( affarns . she comes as Sept To S.. NDA da. for his consideration and for proper action Vl on the matters herein referred to. The Department to be advised as early as practicable of the action taken thereon . ANO A. petra , of Albuquerg , ONGC Inaufa tie - ite. A This report to be returned to the Depart ment files. Ca7 Ind. Div, 18s. G. You are ( 7259 200.) Secretary .

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