Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1913


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32 PRACTICAL WORK INTENSIFIES INSTRUCTION AND HELPS TO SUPPORT SCHOOL As practioally all the building on the grounds is done by student apprentices as part of their training, an excellent opportunity is present, which very few trade schools possess, of enabling the students to apply in practical work, such as will be met with on the outside, the theory of the trade as it is taught in the shop. While the practical work so constructed is an incident and an aid to the instruction, during the past year it has amounted to the splendid sum in the value of prod uots of$ 98, 795. 35. Girls meke their dresses and olothing as part of their instruction in sewing, trim their hats, perform the laundry work and assist in the many sided activities of a household nature at the school. The boys assist likewise in many ways, in doing the work at the school, The mistake ig not made of waiting on the students at every turn. Theory, complete mastery and a knowledge of the principles of the industry are not subordinate to practical work, but the two are so coordinated and dove tailed that the student receives a maximum of benefit, and, incidentally, is enabled to give in re turn for the free education given him by the Government a value in labor and product which materially aids in the conduct of the school, More and more our industrial training in public schools must be made practical, so that the students will not leave with a one- sided notion of the trade, but will have received a combined

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