Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1913


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- 26 Oklahomas serious confusion and much harm results Growth among Indians, as among other races, wai ts on accomplishment and aoa om plishment attends on individual initiative, in telligent direction and oapacity for efficient doing ga Race progress i9 orderly and depends on a mastery of the simpler affairs of life before the complex and more involved is under taken Because the Carlisle school is situated in the East, in the nd dst of a highly developed country, with fine colleges and universities on every side, and with the inspiration which comes from a sympathetic community, a large number, in comparison with the total number of Indians who have obtained university educa tion, have had their start here. This has been encouraged by every practical means Indian education is essentially a practical and not a visionary proposition. Those who deal with it in the concrete realize this The Indians are not unlike other Americans ex cept in so far as they have not had contact until compare tively recent years, with the best of our civilization, careful educa ti on and training, and ini tiation into the 11fe of self- dependence Like the white race, the majority of the Indians will earn their living by skilled or unskilled labor. Only a very small pro portion will enter the professions, or find it profitable to do So. Those who want to enter the professions will find ample opportunity for training in Ameriоan colleges and universities The vast majority, however, will earn their living in agriculture, in the various trades of a vocational nature, and in business

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