Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1913


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34 the logical next step. If deemed advisable a non- reservation school could be utilized for the purpose, Fourth- The persons who are agitating the opening of a school of college and university grade for Indians lose sight of the fact that there are hundreds of very fine colleges and universities already in existence in this coun try, which are open to Indians. If Indians desire to get in to these uni versities, the history of the past has demonstrated that they can get in, and that they can go through with credit to them selves and their race. Those friends of the Indians, who desire an opportunity for practical philanthropy, can find promising material in individual cases, where deserving Indian boys and girls desire a professional or university education The names of such young people could be obtained at this or other nonreservation schools or agencies. It would take many thousands of dollars and a tremendous organization to build a oollege or university which is worthy, but why go to this initial expenditure when these institutions already exist in every portion of the country A need would be answered if practical men in a private capacity, or one of the Indian Associations started a fund for the aid of worthy Indian youth, who have the ambition to obtain a college education. Such funds could be extended as loans made after a careful invesi tgation of each case The Carlisle school has at present a half dozen or more students attending preparatory schools training for college

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