Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1913


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time is rapidly coming when those who are competent must handle thair own affairs, cease to be wards and enter the ranks as self supporting, self- reliant oitizens. The present administration of Indian Affairs has rightly emphasized the removal of unnecessary delay in solving the Indians' in trioаte property relations, and removing unnecessary encumbrances, to a point consistent with the competency of the individual Indian. The Indian will never come to his own, however, until he is self- supporting and has the manhood, thrift, strength and character to conserve his earnings and property. He must become a property owner in the true sense, when his property is in his own hands and he is able to retain and augment it, before he and his friends can class him as a desirable citizen. The Indian' s drawback is that he does not appreciate the value of property, and allows his money and holdings to easily and quick ly slip through his fingers, of course, there are many Indians who are economicals, and it is an urgent duty of Indian Schools and Indian attaches everywhere to develop in the Indian true economy. But aſ ter all is done in te aching him, the Indian will have to learn this lesson in the hard school of life The Indian will learn that no matter how vigilant and all- protecting the Government is he must more and more rely on himself for protection. He must acquire the arts of civiliza tion, strong character, business experience, a knowledge of the world and of men, judgment, conservatism, sobriety and ability in self support The Government will not hold on to the Indians' money and land forever, as a means for the latter' g

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