Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1913


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INDIANS MUST ENTER LIFE OF THE NATION: EDUCATION IS VITAL. The time i6 rapidly approaching when the Indians every where must cease to be aliens, in so far as this is true, by their aloofness from the industry and 11fe of the nation. More rapid ly than ever they must become in tegrally a part of the community life, active factors in its economic development, partaking of the publio schools and other munioipal and state privileges while at the same time sharing in the support of these public utilities by bearing their share in taxation Many things are pressing this to a conclusion. Increase in the white population, pressure for more territory, the use by the Indian wi thout helping in the upkeep of roads, towns, railroads, justice, etc., and the general feeling that the lands which are rich and timbered, but undeveloped and unused, should be put to productive use The pressure is unrelenting in the Halle of Congress, due to the constant demands and public feeling at home which urges our law makers to facilitate and expedite the opening up of Indian reservations to set tlement. The so- called Indian country is being rapidly invaded and Indians find white men as neighbors more frequently than ever before. This inposes heavy obligations on the Indians to develop in cheracter and real worth Educated and progressive Indians are familiar with the sentiment which insistently objects when the Indian blocks progress, While the Indian must be protected when incompetent, old or infirm, the

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