Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1913


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Only 5 out of the entire number of 639 11ving graduates are a discredit to Carlisle, and are not earning a good livelihood and exerting a positive influence for uplift and righteousness among their people The 634 are eminently successful, especially considering the fact that they originally entered as a primitive people, and acquired only an elementary education because of the comparatively small number of grades of academic work conducted at the Carlisle School. This is not, as many believe, a school of college rank, which confers degrees It is an industrial school offering training in vocational lines, and does not go much further than the grammar grades Out of the 4000 re turned students who stayed for a term of years at Carlisle, acquired training in some industry under the outing system and in character building, 94 percent are self- supporting and are clean, law abiding, industrious, self- respecting, and trustworthy men and women. The girls keep house in a way unknown to the un tutored and untrained Indian girls of the reservation. This fact is repeatedly remarked upon by persons traveling in the Indian country and by Indian officials My report for 19ll gave these facts and many individual examples in detail. The records have been kept up and since then have been augmented. Each year I write at least one letter to every graduate and former student, whose address is known. Hundreds of letters come from these former studen ts in

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