Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1913


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general statement that, as a rule, the Indians educated have made good. Records, percentages of successful and unsuccess. ful, and individual examples of workers and leaders must be oited to answer the question, The Carlisle school can furnish records of a most convincing character Five years ago an in dividual record system was inaugurated not only for graduates, who make up only about one- tenth of the outgoing students, but of the more than five thousand Indians who have not completed the academic course, having spent a term of years at the school and par taken of its academic and industrial instruction oard was prepared and arranged in card index for each student, giving the main facts of his 11fe and residence at the school This refers to a numbered folder which contains his record at the school, application blank, medical record and the main facts, as they have been gathered from time to time, concerning the students' work in the world of workers, or as a home- maker Many of the folders also contain clippings, correspondence and photographs. While this has been worked up without the aid of an Alumni secretary, and is still incomple te, it is a very dim posing piece of work and has been commended by educators who have examined it, The estimate of Carlile' s system of education judged by effective results in successful graduates and re turned students is thus matter of record. The graduates are making good in an exceptional degree and remarkable number

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