Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1913


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A PLEASING RECORD OF RESULTS IN HUMAN PRODUCT. INDIAN EDUCATION PAYS The theory of, and justification for, Indian education its me thod in the school and the effioaoy of ts work of in struction has but one fundamental test,- the quality of the out going graduates and students of the particular school which happens to be under discussion. Every Indian school must give an account of its activities and stewardship by high standards of oitizen efficiency in the Alumni. This obligation is clear and emphatio in all education, in college and public sohool work. Unfortunately, it is too often lost sight of The publio judges its schools and school masters by the results obtained in fine manhood and womanhood, in culture, learning, high ideals and expertness, as tested by the severity of out side competition The most convincing test of Indian education is found in the proportion of good and useful men and women that have been sent out s as a result of a such education. In this particular field education must bear the critical eye of the whole nation and the expectations of the federal schools for Indians are many and exacting. Supported by appropriations made from the Federal treasury, legislators and citizens not only view ori tio ally the internal school work, the school life and the schol as two, vocational and moral atteinman ts, but pertinent questions are asked and facts sought with reference to those who have each year left the jurisdiction of each school to enter life' s work, Nor is this desire for information satisfied by the

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