Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1912


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- 49. VOCATIONAL TRAINING HELPS STUDENTS PAY THEIR WAY While it would be unfair to judge any system of education by the value of the incidental material product menufactured by the students during the time they are acquiring their train ing, it is generally coming to be recognized that industrial training which sacrifices usefulness to unapplied theory is lacking in an important essential. It has been found advis able to differentiate between so- called manual training and industrial or vocational teaching, in that respect, Even in the work of menue 1 training greater interest can be aroused in the boys, and a healthier result obtained, by having them manufacture articles of real value and usefulness. Exercises of a purely technical value are given, but it is better educa tion to apply the theoretical instruotion involved in these exercises in the manufacture of articles, which in the eye of the boy, answer a purpose and serve a need. And so in all in dustrial work at Carlisle, this thought has been carried to its logical conclusion. Far from detracting from the education al value of the training, this practical application of the principles of the trade, serves to vitalize the teaching. To is make a useful thing/ in itself an education Aside from the systematic theoretical instruction which is given in the various trades in the shops, е mass of practical work is turned out at all times, which includes the construction

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