Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1912


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47 SUPPRESSION OF LIQUOR TRAFFIC: Aotive measures have been taken for the suppression of the liquor traffic among students of the school, and offenders have been prosecuted to the full est extent of the law by obtaining the cooperation of both the local and state authorities, as well as the assistanoe of the Federal Courts, A larger number of offenders than ever before have been successfully prosecuted, and the traffic cut to a minimum BUSINESS DEPARTMENT: This is a new department which was organized four years ago for the purpose of giving business instruction and training to young men and women of good pre paratory education, as stenographers, bookkeepers and clerks In addition, regular and systematic instruction in teach ing the principles of business has been inaugurated for all the students in the upper grades. The department has proven a great BOC eBS TELEGRAPHY DEPARTMENT: Instruction in telegraphy was started and a well equipped department organized. The students have shown special skill in this branch, and those who have finished have found no difficulty in obtaining remunerative em ployment HEALTH: The health of the school has been improved and the hospital staff enlarged. There are now two physicians, one a resident, the other a well known surgeon, as visiting physioian in charge, besides the head nurse, Regular instruction in nurs

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