Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1912


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46 room for object teaching and to supplement the regular oral in struction, proving a distinot aid to the teacher and affording instruction for the student THE OUTING SYSTEM FOR THE TRADES: The Outing System has been extended to afford boys an opportunity to develop in the trades and other vocational activities, besides farming. Under this cooperative plan, begun three years ago, more than a hundred boys find employment at good wages at their trades each year. They are given the opportunity to work side by side with experienced white men, and to take their place under conditions such as they will meet when they go to work at their trades after they leave Babool. This has aided in vitalizing the in struction in the trades SEX HYGIENE: Regular moral instruction and instruction in sex hygiene has been inaugurated by securing the assistance of some of the best experts in the country. Men and women physicians for work among both the girls and the boys have been secured each year for the past few years, and systematio in struction given This has been a very important matter and the Carlisle School has thus led the Service in devoting definite attention and systematic effort to this training. Regular moral in s truction has been added to the academic curriculum and is given to the students in the class rooms,

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