Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1912


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43 regular intervals each week to the students in each depart ment, A thorough system of accounting has been inaugurated so that the value of the material used and the value of the pro duct which is finished in each productive industry is ascer tained Likewise, the students are given instruction in the busi. ness side of the trades, so that if they enter into a small business of their own, they will have definite information at hand. All students in the building trades and in the other voca tions needing it, are now given systematic instruction in mechan ical drawing, a new department which was inaugurated, so that they can read a blue print or make a simple sketch Reading rooms for each of the industries have been in stalled, where all of the trades literature and trades magazines are tept on hand, to be consulted by the students, FILING SYSTEMS: A modern f1ling system has been installed in the office, the importance of which can be estimated when it is recalled that more than twenty thousand letters are sent out each year, and about a similar number received, F11ing devices have likewise been placed in all the depart ments so that permanent records may be on hand and the business conducted in a businesslike way. STUDENTS' RECORDS: A folder has been provided for every returned student and graduate of the Bohool, whether living or

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