Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1912


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O 4l rewired in conduit, both for protection, as well as to obtain better light OTHER CONSTRUCTION AND IMPROVEMENTS: A large number of other improvements have been made, inоluding the erection of two entirely new bridges leading to the entrance of the grounds, built of heavy timber, supported on thick masonry walls, Thousands of pieces of furniture have been built for the better equipment of the shops, the dormitories, the school building, the hospital, and the business department A new flag pole 110 feet in height has been erected, and the cottages and buildinge generally have been extensively re paired, Thousands of square yards of concrete paving have been laid, both in and outside of the buildings, the roads have been rounded up and repaired, gutters and cesspools built Extensive improvements have been made in the lands ope of the campus, by having all the trees carefully doctored by experts, and the addition of lawns, flowers, shrubbery and trees BTUDENTS DO THE WORK AND GAIN EXPERIENCE: It will be seen that these are most extensive improvements, affecting nearly the entire plant, and it will be of interest to know that the stu dent apprentices have done the largest share of the work as part of their training in the separate vocations, This work has in cluded plastering, tinning, steam fitting, erection of plumbing, carpentering, mas on work, brick laying, painting, etc. All the

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