Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1912


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40. to the institution DAIRY BARN: One of the most needed repairs was the erec. tion of a new dairy barn of brick and concrete, The interior equipment is of the latest improvement, so that the cows can be kept under sanitary conditions, with plenty of ventilation and sunlight, The barn in its entirety, both for horses and the dairy herd, including the storage tool rooms, etc., is now one of the most complete in this part of the country. A sanitary milk and butter house was built in close proximity, and the milk and butter are handled in acordance with the best methods STEAM AND HEATING SYSTEM: The heating system of the entire institution, including the central plant, new steam mains, ra diation for all the various buildings, has been rebuilt, Most of this work is now finished, all the buildings have been con nected, and the system will be completed this winter. This is one of the most needed improvements on the grounds, as many of the buildings were insufficiently heated, or not heated at all, thus causing a great deal of suffering. At the same time, there was a tremendous waste of fuel, Congress made two appro priations for this purpose; one of$ 10, 000 and the other of $ 7, 500, The work is being completed by purchasing the material and hiring the labor, so as to avoid the additional cost by contract ELECTRIC WIRING: A number of the buildings, which were wired eighteen or twenty years ago for electricity, have been

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