Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1912


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39 sewing rooms has been enlarged and oarefully planned, providing now for commercial work, repairing, and for the aotive work of instruction in drafting, dressmaking and millinery. This will make these industries on a par with the boys' industries, in the excellenoe of the equipment and the completeness of the Oourse of study and facilities for instruction. GIRLS' BUILDING: In the girls' building, a new clothing room has been fitted up with a systematio arrangement for the care of clothing. A new society room was built and furnished, and a girle' reading room 11kewise built and fitted out. The entire building has been required in conduit, and carefully lighted, HOUSE FOR THE DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS: A two- story house has been built near the entrance of the grounds for the use of the director of athletics, whiоh is modern in every respect . BRICK ENTRANCE: A beautiful brick and out stone entrance gateway has been erected, with colonial lights on both sides of the brick columns FARMS: The farms have been improved, and the entire first farm, which was full of rock, has been cleared so that every acre is now cultivated, A good fence has been built around the first farm, the roads have been repaired and new ones built, and walks repaired and laid, The two school farms are now in a prosperous condition, and can be pointed to with pride. The condition of the first farm was formerly a disgrace

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