Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1912


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36 Additional benches have been added to the shoe shop and a large complement of power machinery included, which equips the students to thoroughly master the hand work and the machine work of this trade The tinsmithing shop was equipped with individual benches and has been given a well lighted room. The mas on shop has been enlarged and equipped with booths and with a cement floor, so that now the trade can be thorough ly taught The entire carpenter shop has been gone over, individual benches for twenty- four boys added, saoh boy being supplied with tools and a place to keep them, and new machinery for doing mill work installed, including a group of lathes, grind ing machine, tool machine, joiner, mortising machine, tennoning machine and moulder. The interior arrangement of the entire building has been simplified, so that a person can pass from one shop to the other without leaving the building. Additional lumber yards and buildings have been added for the storage and drying of about 150, 000 feet of lumber, Eaoh of the Bhops has had added to it a wash room where the student apprentices can hang their good olothing in in dividual lookers, and wash when their work period is ended, A two- story warehouse has been erected in the rear of this building, containing store rooms for all of the various shops GUARD HOUSE: A new guard house, built of concrete and steel, with six rooms and a corridor, has been erected, It is

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