Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1912


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35 built of conоrete with modern sanitary and bathing facilities It is expected to complete this building this year, HOSTLERTS COTTAGE: A new cottage containing six rooms and a bath, with an ample poroh, has been built for the school hostler SHOP BUILDING: The entire group of shop buildings have been entirely remodeled and the boys' industries reorganized, A department of mechanical drawing has been opened in a large room erected for the purpose, with complete equipment in the way of drawing instruments, twenty- four drawing tables, cabi nets, models, etc. A well built and 11ghted exhibit room was added. The wagon shop was remodeled, new individual benches in stalled, and tools and equipment added, The blacksmith shop has been entirely rebuilt, twelve down draft forges installed, tool racks, hand forges, and several necessary machines, including power grinder, press drill and power hammer added The paint shop was moved from a oramped unsanitary loca tion on the first floor to well fitted out rooms on the second floor, where oareful instruction can be given, This industry now has three rooms; one with modern equipment for upholster ing and trimming, another with booths and a seotion of a house for general painting, staining, eto,, and the other for varnishing The equipment in the tailor shop has been improved.

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