Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1912


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32 MATERIAL IMPROVEMENTS TO THE PLANT When the undersigned took up the duties of the Superin tendent of the Carlisle Indian Sohool, April 1, 1908, many of the buildings were in urgent need of repairs, Some, because of the broadened soope of the work and larger number of students, needed extensions, and a few entirely new structures were ereot. ad to more comfortably and fully meet the requirements in in structing and caring for the studenty body. The buildings of the school are the oldest in the Service, some of them having been in use for many years before an Indian school was established, as barracks for the housing of troops, Some of the larger improvements to the plant which have been made since 1908 are herewith desOribed SCHOOL BUILDING: A two- story brick addition of excell ent construction, 31 ft. by 50 ft., was erected at the East end of the school building. This contains a series of three large rooms and a hall, used for the Business Department on the first floor; while on the second floor there are two large rooms, one of which is used for the music room and the other for a recitation room, An excellent greenhouse, built on the second story, 12 ft, wide by 43 ft. long, provides a place in whiоh thousands of vegetable plants are started for the school vegetable garden each year, Aside from this addi tion, a large room for the Native Indian Art Department was fitted out, carefully lighted and ventilated, Additional

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