Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1912


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- 31 incomparable laundresses and good housekeepers, besides showing native skill in beadwork, basket making and blanket weaving All these forms of industrial activity have been encouraged at Carlisle, with the result that hundreds of our students are going out into life fully prepared to make a good home for them selves and theirs on the reservation, or to enter a white community and succeed in aotive competition with the pale face, There is a growing demand for Indians trained as nechanics They are paid good wages and are found to be skillful, accurate, patient and painstaking in their work, as well as loyal to their employers They are interested in their work, quiet and depend able, while rather timid at first, they acquire self- reliance as they become more experienced, The number who are entering the constructive industries is increasing bach year. The idea that the Indian will never be anything but a farmer and stock grower is reputed by the hundreds of successful Indians in other lines,

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