Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1912


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30 INDUSTRIAL AND VOCATIONAL TRAINING IS FOSTERED Ing truction in the industries has had oontinued growth in quality, and has been encouraged in every way. This has been a side of the work of the school that in former years has not had that amount of reinforcing attention and positive direction and guidance such as to result in giving to the students a working knowledge of the trades, Other pioneer work had to be accomplished and the growth of this feature was necessarily gradual. The aim of Congress is to make Indians not only good citizens, but self supporting citizens, and Indian sohools were established to teach the Indian how to work with skill and zest and profit, The trades instruction at Carlisle is now on a par with the best in the country. The Indian boy and girl can obtain here such a knowledge of the US eful industries for which there is a demand in the section of the country in which he lives, as will enable him to earn a good living for himself and his family, The Indians are by nature adept in those forms of work which require manual dexterity. In former years he fashioned his own implements with a degree of skill which is now considered remark able. Properly trained, there are no better mechanios anywhere, from any nation, or from any race, than the Indians. In all forms of constructive work, in building construction, carpentry, plastering, in blacksmithing and machine work, in shoemaking, bricklaying and painting, the Indians have no difficulty in Taak ing good. It is a well known fact, among those who know, that the Indian is not lazy. When given proper instruction, the girls make good cooks,

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