Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1912


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- 28. than for athletics, and consequently devote only their spare or play time to this form of activity. Every member of the team is a bona fide student of the school. Athletic sport is not confined to the few, but exists for the entire student body, and all are encouraged to obtain the physical, mental, and moral benefits which come from engaging in clean eport. On the other hand, the Indiana naturally excel in football. They love the game, and, while they have impressed the public everywhere with their gentlemanly conduct on and off the grid iron, they are Blso known for the earnestness and concentration which they display in the game. Amateur sport is fostered in the highest sense. It was for this reason and because of the evils of summer profesgionalism, that I abolished baseball as an Buthorized sport at the Carlisle Indian School, three years ago. This marked one of the most advanced eteps taken in the country and the wisdom of the move is now being recognized by the best colleges and universities Aside from the value obtained from participation in clean athletics, the students are away from their studies a minimum length of time, as no extensive western schedules have been permitted in recent years, although there have been requests for games by some of the most prominent universitieg in that section. At the same time, the short trips which are made in the Iast afford to our young men broade experience and travel under the right auspices

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