Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1912


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27 PHYSI CAL CULTURE AND CLEAN SPORT For Many years the entire country has looked with interest a nd favor on the unifor succeOs which has been made by the various athletic teams represen ing the Carlisle Indian S chool The football season of 1912 ended with a large string of vio tories and only one da efeat The Indians scored the largest number of points of any team in the country, and had what is considered by experts a most difficult schedule. The result of the games was as follows: DATE WIHERE PLAYED OPPONENTS SCORE Indians Opponents Sept, 31 Carlisle Albright College 50 Sept. 25 Carlisle Lebanon Valley College 45 ept. 28 Carlisle Dickinson College 34 Oct Harrisburg Villanova College 65 Oct. 5 Washington, Pe. Washington and Jefferson College Oct. 12 Syracuge Syracuse Univer3ity 33 Oct 19 Pittsburg University of Pittsburg 45 Oct. 36 Washington Georgetown University 34 20 Oct. 28 Toronto Toronto University 49 Nov. 3 South Bethlehen Lehigh University 34 14 Nov West Point West Point 27 Nov 16 Philadelphia University of Penney. 36 34 Nov Springfield, Mass A. Training College 30 24 MNov. 28 Providence Brown University 32 There are a number of reasons which can be as signed to the record of the Indian in athletics at this school. There is a Bp lendid spirit of fine fellowship and loyalty to the school which characterizes the participation of the Indian students in sport, The Indians are at the Carlisle school for study, rather

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