Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1912


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25 In too many schools where industrial training is given, elaborate machinery is used and an inordinately large number of boys work at a task, so that when their school life is over and these young people run up against the 1 imitations of their own environment, they be come discouraged because they do not possess expensive machinery or a large force of workmen. In all of its trades activities, and particularly in farming, the aim at the Carlisle School is to fit the training for the Indian boy' s future environment Indians love the open and are fond of feats of strength and skill. Nearly every Indian in the land owns a farm, since the Indiari has been placed on the reservation and allotted, his roaming habits have ceased and he lives more and more in a per manent home. This makes it fundamental that his life occupation be a healthy one. Farming gives him a healthful occupation Each year the Indian is making more progress in farming, and in the last few years the acreage which they are farming has doubled. Likewise, the products per acre have increased Hundreds of the returned students and graduates of the school are farming in the West, and their farms compare favorably with the best f arms of white men who live near them, Scores of in. stances could be cited where Indian School graduates are success ful farmers and ranchers, and have been honored by the whites in the communities in which they live

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