Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1912


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23. AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION FOR THE INDIAN. In the adaptation of their courses of study and methods of instruction to the natural abilities and future needs and environment of the pupils, the Indian schools supported by the Federal Government, and of which the Carlisle Indian School is the oldest in age, are years in advance of the pub. lic schools in the various states for white children. For years there has been a tendency in our public schools to educate the boy and the girl away from the farm and towards the activi ties of the city, notwithstanding the fact that a large element of our population is now resident in the country districts, and must remain so for many years to come In fact, in thousands of the little red schoolhouses of the country districts, the course of instruction has absolutely no relation whatever to the needs of the boy or girl on the farm. Little or no instruction is given in inculcating right ideas and sane methods of farming, or in teaching the girl some thing of the practical duties of home life on a farm To a large extent, the same method prevails in the city Schools, where the education of the pupil concerns itself practi cally entirely with preparing the less than one- tenth for high school, and giving to the nine- tenths of the school population, which leaves school before the high school, no instruction of a practical character which fits for the dual responsibilities

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