Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1912


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22 dents, and as a result there is more enthusiastic interest in this important subject. All the Protestant ministers in town actively cooperate in conducting religious services for their students, and all the churches of the town are open to the stu dents for attendance. In fact, the boys regularly attend Sunday School in the town churches, where they mingle with the young people of the white race, All of the students take an active part in the church life of the town, The Catholic church has its work among the students who belong to it, organized thoroughly in accord with the regulations, and there is a cons equent feeling among the parents of these young people that while away at school they will not forget the faith in which they were brought up. A Catholic priest devotes his entire attention to the Indian students, and one of the most beautiful Catholic churches in the state is open for these services Situated in a sympathetic community, where the public takes a helpful interest in the work of Indian education, it is not a difficult matter to promote the most cordial and benefioent rela tions between the community and the students, This has been done, and as a result our young people are welcomed into the best homes of the town, In this way, by social contact with the youth of the white race, as well as through the manifold opportunities afforded under the outing System, the private life and the Spiritual welfare of the boys and girls in given healthy attention,

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