Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1912


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21 SYSTEMATIC AND IMPARTIAL RELIGIOUS TEACHING While the Carlisle sohool believes that the paramount work of the Government in Indian education is to impart to Indian youth a good education and a working knowledge of some trade or voca tion, the thought is uppermost in its work that character build ing of the right sort is fundamental, Hence it is that a thorough organi z tion exists for the moral and religious training of the students. The school takes the place of the parent in a direct and definite way, and unless the Government would shrug its re sponsibility, the most earnest attention must be paid to the spiritual life of the students This is done by the cooperation of unofficial workers, All of the Christian churohes which have members in the student body, are encouraged to give regular instruction and to conduct religious exercises for the students, Sunday is one of the busiest days of the week and results in much good. There are Sunday School olass es for our students at the school and 1 in the town, religious worship for the different denominations, and meetings of the Christian Societies There is a flourishing Young Men' s Christian Association and a Young Women' s Christian Association, both of which have regular georetaries, a thorough organization and places for meeting. Dur ing the year scores of prominent men are brought to the school to speak to the students on character building, or to the separate denominations on some phase of Christian work in their church Every Tuesday evening a dozen or more classes in Bible study are conducted by seniors from Dioking on college for Protestant stu

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