Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1912


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1 9 MORAL TRAINING AND INSTRUCTION IN SOCIAL HYGIENE Aside from the purely religious training, moral instruction in the class room, as well as instruction in social hygiene is given to the students of both sexes. A definite stand has been taken in this matter, Instruction in the principles and practice of right conduct is given by every member of the faculty, and donorete examples of righteous living are inculcated when the students are brought together in assembly One of the most neglected subjects, not only in Indian schools but in public schools everywhere, is instruction in sex hygiene for boys and girls, In our complex industrial life the need for thia training is becoming more pressing and evident to both parents and school officials. There can be no question of the great need for interpreting the laws of nature and giving simidle less ons in this subject to the Indian youth, particularly 90, when it is remembered that among a number of the Indian tribes, and on many reservations, the utmost laxity has existed, Even now, there are each year hundreds of marriages among Indians on the reserva tions without legal or church procedure, and a number of cases continue to be reported each year of polygany. Every reservation official deplores this condition of looseness, and feels the need for effective training This is, then, of tremendous import to the Indian, and in our desire to give thorough instruction a to our students, the best experts in the country have been secured, Renowned physicians and social workers have been brought to the school for this work,

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