Carlisle School Annual Reports, 1912


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18 STUDENTS MAKE GOOD USE OF THE LIBRARY The library has continued to have a steady growth in the number of books and in the use made of it by the students. A large amount of very excellent material has been added, in cluding some furniture and equipment, and a large number of books. There are now a little over three thousand volumes besides about two thousand pamphlets A report of the librarian shows a circulation for the school year of 3, 570 books, approximately one- third of which were fiction, and the other two- thirds being books on general subjects, including soience, biography, history, etc. This is significant as showing the trend of the thought of the students who are being educated here, and that they seek literature which deals more with the concrete and with the subject matter of their general education. A careful count which has been kept, shows that the number of students who visited the 1ibrary for purposes of individual study, reference work, reading, etc., during the school year, excluding July and August, was 19, 687, made up of both boys and girls. The library is more extensively used by the students in the upper classes, but all of the students in the school are given encouragement in habits of reading and library consul tation

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